Current Students

Lucy Carolan

Entitled 'Mapping labyrinths, manifesting lostness: charting the untravelled connections between memory disorders and photography', the focus of my creative practice research is the conceptualisation of aspects of dementia as lostness – the particular spatial, temporal, perceptual and memory/identity disorientations the condition engenders – and how to articulate these through visual means. The project is informed by the development of career-long concerns with perception and interpretation, which I approach primarily through the medium of photography (with increasing emphasis on the material and sculptural potentials of the photograph as object), installation, AV, and image with text. In terms of raising awareness, dementia is now so widespread (according to Alzheimer’s Research UK, the number of people living with the condition here is currently estimated at 850,000 and rising) that many people are already aware, through their own family or extended networks. The kind of awareness my work is concerned with involves recognising the value in the experiences of people living with the condition. In the attempt to grasp even a fraction of what those experiences are like, my research aims to provide fresh perspectives on our shared human condition.

Supervisory Team: Prof. Christopher Jones, Arts and Cultures (Newcastle), Prof. Andrew Newman, Arts and Cultures (Newcastle).

Start Date: September 2017.