Northern Bridge Summer School 2021

Day 1’s morning session brought everyone together. We—the students—took the lead, sharing our research stories in small groups and then reporting back. The reports included sonnets and part of a limerick, and there were musical accompaniments and something fermented in a jar—though nobody took up Dr David Stewart’s suggestion of interpretive dance.

In the afternoon, the keynote Dr Charlotte Blease had an open and honest conversation with Professor Thérèse Murphy. Key takeaways included how to hustle and the need to find ways to deal with rejection.  Northern Bridge students, Gillian Craig and Lucy Wray, stepped up to lead the Q&A.

Day 2 featured other Northern Bridge voices. In the morning, former student Jack and final years Lee and Lucy were on hand with tips to help make the most of the training, placement and funding opportunities offered by the consortium. Professor Patrick Zuk was the host.

The afternoon brought the Fun Friday Quiz, organised by Queen’s administrator Lynda Mahon with Northern Bridge director, Dr Ian O’Flynn as quiz host. All that was missing were the traybakes and conversations over coffee that Lynda has promised will return when we next meet in person. We’re looking forward to those, as well as the array of training opportunities that are on offer in the coming months. 

Erin McCombe, AHRC Northern Bridge DTC awardee, School of Arts, English and Languages, Queen's University Belfast

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