Current Students

Victoria Lucas

“Looking Through the Glass: glass chemistry as a window on Early Medieval innovation, recycling, trade and contact, AD 700-1000” - My PhD uses a combination of chemical analyses and experimental archaeology to address what practices of recycling and experimentation by glassworkers can tell us about trade, contact and technological innovation in Early Medieval Britain. The project seeks not only to expand that dataset of analysed glass dating from the 7th-10th centuries AD, but also to situate the issues of recycling, experimentation and innovation by glassworkers in a specifically mid-late Saxon context. The project will provide new insight into the production, trade, and exchange of glass objects, and - crucially- the transmission of glass-making and recycling technologies in Anglo-Saxon England, from AD 700-1000. It will also, through its integrated program of experimental archaeology, allow greater understanding of the complex processes by which glass compositions are created and more closely link chemical composition to technological practice and object biographies., (academic twitter account), (blog for Experimental Archaeology Newcastle – EXARN – a PGR led research group of which I am a founding member) (EXARN twitter account, which I manage)

Supervisory Team: Dr Chloe Duckworth, History, Classics and Archaeology (Newcastle), Prof. Sam Turner, History, Classics and Archaeology (Newcastle), Dr Sarah Semple, Archaeology (Durham).

Start Date: September 2017