Current Students

Gail Ritchie

  • Queen’s University Belfast, School of HAPP (History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics)
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Commemoration in Northern Ireland is a contested and unresolved issue. This project aims to make the artist’s voice more active in the debate by showing how a creative, practice-based approach to a troubled past can productively re-imagine central questions about commemoration. The project will combine visual art practice with critical International Relations theory to interrogate the form, function and relevance of memorials in a contested space. This research will develop a conceptual, reflexive and critical memorial vernacular relevant to NI which will be translated into original creative outputs for memorial designs (e.g. drawings, sculptures, models).

Supervisory Team: Prof. Debbie Lisle, Politics and International Studies (Queens University Belfast), Dr. Margaret O’Callaghan, Politics and International Studies (Queens University Belfast), Prof. Christopher Jones, Fine Art (Newcastle).

Start Date: September 2018