Current Students

Emma Gooch

I am primarily based in archaeology, but my research also draws upon sources and evidence from Ancient History and Classics.  My PhD project investigates the social identities and visibility of children in Ancient Greece during the Geometric, Archaic and Classical periods (9th to 4th centuries BC), with a particular focus upon Athens and the Attic peninsula. Using archaeological, iconographical and literary evidence, I aim to identify and interpret material culture used to construct identities of children during their extended life course; throughout life and on into death. I draw upon sources including iconography painted on to ancient pottery and carved upon tombstones, ancient literature and burial evidence to identify material culture that can be interpreted as signifiers of children. This informs my analyses of the archaeological distribution of those signifiers in domestic contexts.  My research aims to improve understandings of the materiality of children in houses and, from there, their places in ancient Greek families, households and society.

Supervisory Team: Dr Sally Waite, Classics (Newcastle), Dr Matthew Haysom, Archaeology (Newcastle), Dr Chris Fowler, Archaeology (Newcastle).

Start Date: September 2017