Current Students

Emilio Zucchetti

My PhD research is a study of political and social unrest in the Late Roman Republic and Early Principate through the concept of discord (Discordia). It investigates the political discourses around it and how they affected the practice of conflict between the mid 2nd century BCE and the beginning of the 1st century CE. The analysis of social and political unrest is informed by theoretical insights drawn from ongoing debates on history from below, political subjectivity (people/multitude), uprisings and imagination, with a post-modern view to enable a fresh appreciation of the political setup of the Roman Republic. After a theoretical discussion, the work focuses on élites’ narratives of social conflict in literary texts (Cicero, Livy and Augustan poetry). Finally, it considers the limits to the practice of conflict through the analysis of few case studies from the Late Republic.

Supervisory Team: Prof. Federico Santangelo, History, Classics and Archaeology (Newcastle), Prof. Jakob Wisse, History, Classics and Archaeology (Newcastle), Dr Amy Russell, Classics and Ancient History (Durham).

Start Date: September 2016.