Current Students

Elien Hanselaer

This practice-based research project will investigate connection and interaction between two actors during performance. It will propose a performance connection methodology designed to achieve a dialogical, trans-individual acting practice. The majority of Western theatre theoreticians and practitioners point out the importance of connection between actors. However, the language used in Western acting methodologies to address the phenomenon remains sketchy and vague. This suggests the existence of profound ambiguity around the topic. This research will develop a pragmatic approach to actor-actor connection through infusing Western, contemporary acting methodologies with dance and non-Western performance models such as Butō and Argentinian tango, which foreground the craftsmanship of connection that this project is interested in.

Supervisory Team: Dr Aoife McGrath, Arts, English and Languages (Queens University Belfast), Mr David Grant, Drama (Queens University Belfast).

Start Date: October 2018