Current Students

Christel Querton

The research aims to critically analyse asylum law, jurisprudence and policy in the EU by looking at selected Member States to determine the way in which EU Member States implement and interpret international and European refugee and human rights law standards in the asylum claims of persons fleeing contemporary armed conflicts and generalised violence from a gender perspective. I draw on gender and security studies to propose an original framework for reconceptualising the Refugee Convention in a manner which takes account of the changed nature of armed conflicts. The research enquires into whether appellate authorities in the EU take account of specific forms of gender-related persecution or gender-based violence and in particular the gender-differentiated impact of armed conflict.

Supervisory Team: Dr Maria-Teresa Gil-Bazo, Law (Newcastle), Prof. Richard Collier, Law (Newcastle), Prof. Colin Harvey, Law (QUB).

Start Date: September 2016.