Current Students

Bennjamin J. Penny-Mason

My current research aims to investigate the bioarchaeology and history of childhood medicine in later medieval and early modern England. Little is currently known about the origins and implementation of specialised medical care for children in the past. This interdisciplinary study aims to assess the (bio)archaeological and palaeopathological evidence for treatment, medicine, surgery and folk cures of non-adults (in this study, individuals under 25 years old) in direct relation to historical medical evidence. The research aims to contribute towards a greater understanding of the relationship between children, doctors, surgeons and maturation in Renaissance 'paediatric' medicine. Through the implementation of a holistic research approach, this study aims to address an important gap in our knowledge of childhood in the past, as well as demonstrate the value of integrating approaches from both bioarchaeological and the history of medicine.

Supervisory Team: Dr Rebecca Gowland, Archaeology (Durham), Prof. Stefano Cracolici, Modern Languages and Cultures (Durham).

Start Date: October 2015